Boy Spyce unveils new single ‘You (Rum & Schnapp)’

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Mavin Records' singer Boy Spyce continues his music run his latest single, "You (Rum & Schnapp)."

Following hits like "I Don't Care" featuring Khaid and the catchy "Pepe," Boy Spyce showcases his talent once again with this heartfelt ballad.

"You (Rum & Schnapp)" delves into the depths of love, tailored for those deeply enamored and those longing for such affection. Boy Spyce pours his emotions into the song, expressing his adoration for a significant other who holds an irreplaceable place in his heart.

With lyrics like "You're my Rum and Schnapp, my Cuban cigar, you're my gold and silver," Boy Spyce vividly portrays the profoundness and value of his love using metaphors that resonate deeply.

You (Rum & Schnapp)

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