Chivido 2024: Davido and Chioma reportedly gifted 2 ultra-luxury cars at traditional wedding

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Davido and his new wife, Chioma, were delightfully surprised with two luxurious cars as wedding gifts, each reportedly tailored for them.

The couple has become the epicenter of a whirlwind of discussions, thanks to a viral video capturing a moment of pure opulence at their wedding celebration.

The clip, which has spread like wildfire across the internet, shows not one but two brand-new cars making a grand entrance into the event hall.

These extravagant gifts, reportedly bestowed upon the couple by the prestigious international car company GAC Motors, left onlookers and fans in awe.

According to reports the first vehicle, a sleek family Caravan, is an M8 GAC valued at over N75 million. This luxurious model promises to provide the ultimate comfort and style for the newlyweds and their future family endeavors.

The second vehicle, presumed to be for Davido, is an imposing SUV, the GAC GS8, which carries a staggering price tag of N150 million. Both cars are the latest 2024 models.

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