Dating me is like an adventure – Tems

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Nigerian singer Tems has described the experience of dating her as an adventure or a movie.

In a recent interview with media personality Chinasa Akunam on the Is This Seat Taken Podcast, Tems opened up about her musical creative process, some of her new-found experiences as a celebrity and even some of her hobbies like poetry.

During the sit-down, Akunam asked the singer to describe what dating her is like. She said, "Complete this sentence 'Dating me is like…' You know not everyone is going to have that experience so let them just hear it from your mouth like this."

After being pensive for a few seconds, Tems used an analogy of a flower to highlight her complexities.

She began, "Dating me Is like stumbling upon a rare species of flower that looks dark from the outside and when it opens it has pink or purple, but has a stone in the middle, there's a lot of layers with me."

Tems also compared dating her to an adventure or a movie with a variety of random plot twists.

"It's like going on an adventure, it's like a movie or a film. It's like one of those goofy comedy things that are weird. It's like the plot where something random happens, but every single time," she explained in between laughter.

Tems also spoke about her exciting experience of meeting American rapper Kendrick Lamar and recalled how he told her that he was a fan of hers.

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