Davido premieres Kante music video with Fave

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Davido has released the official music video to his track, Kante featuring Fave.

The video effortlessly merges scenes of Davido and Fave commanding attention in a club atmosphere with visually striking locations. Choreography steals the spotlight as both artists, accompanied by a talented ensemble of dancers, display their skills. From synchronized sequences to individual performances, the video vividly captures the infectious energy of the song.

This visual spectacle serves as a powerful reminder of Davido's energy, leaving fans eager for more of his artistic offerings. His mention of potential additional music videos from the Timeless album indicates a sustained emphasis on its uplifting vibes.

Undoubtedly, Davido, Fave, and Dammy Twitch have presented a colourful music video that exalts the beauty of Afrobeats. 

Kante Video

Kante Video

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