How I battled with imposter syndrome – Simi

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Nigerian singer Simi has shared her struggles with imposter syndrome, revealing a deeply personal battle with self-doubt and identity.Opening up about her struggles, Simi shared that she had always possessed a deep understanding of herself, but had experienced the unsettling feeling of losing that connection.

Taking to her social media platform, she reflected on the journey of losing and finding herself, acknowledging the challenges and growth that come with such experiences.

Simi also stated that she found solace in creating her upcoming album, ‘Lost And Found’.

The singer emphasized that the album symbolizes reclaiming parts of herself that she feared were lost forever.

On her X handle on Tuesday, Simi wrote: “For most of my life, I have enjoyed the privilege of knowing myself deeply, unwaveringly, truly. In more recent years, I have also endured the discomfort of losing myself. Sometimes, to make room for something else that I needed to be – other times, because I could not, for the life of me, find my way. I felt like a stranger to myself. This version of me has been the hardest one to look at in the mirror.

“Making this album is a symbol of finding parts of myself again that I hoped I hadn’t lost permanently. I don’t believe that we ever stop finding ourselves. If you’re willing to look, there’s always more. This is a tribute to the things we continue to find and rediscover.”

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