How I survived drug trafficking allegations, death rumours – Sola Sobowale

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Seasoned actress Sola Sobowale has opened up about the drug-peddling allegations that nearly ended her acting career.

Sobowale said the rumours of her arrest for drug trafficking in Saudi Arabia began upon her relocation to the United Kingdom (UK).

In 2022, Premium Times reported that the 58-year-old actress revealed she relocated to the UK to support her children by taking on menial jobs.

Upon her return to Nigeria, Sobowale, who ended her 15-year acting hiatus in 2016, secured a pivotal role in the groundbreaking film ‘The Wedding Party’.

In an interview on the Teju Baby Face ‘King of Talk’ podcast, the actress said God had compensated her because several negative things were written about her when she left for the UK.

“The only thing that bothers me is the fact that they said I was killed in Saudi Arabia. That I carried cocaine. Yes, it was written in Nigeria that I carried cocaine in Saudi Arabia. They arrested me, amputated my leg and my hand, and I supposedly pleaded with them, saying that I was a star in Nigeria and because of that, they should kill me, so they killed me.”

The 2019 Africa Movie Academy Award winner for ‘Best Actress in a Leading Role’ said people were astonished to see her return to Nigeria.

“So when I returned to Nigeria, at the airport, they said, ‘Sola Sobowale is dead now,’ and I asked, ‘Do they believe in voodoo?” she added.

The mother-of-five, whose parents were in academia, recalled rumours that she was a cleaner in the UK.

She added that there were also rumours about her working at a restaurant in the UK.

“When I was in the UK, doing my thing, Nigerian newspapers published articles titled ‘From grace to grass’ claiming that Sola Sobowale now resides in the UK and sells food at a restaurant called Emuke. My older sister owns the restaurant.

“The restaurant is owned by Kike Oyelana and Uncle Tunji Oyelana. Whenever I have time off from work, I visit the restaurant to see my sister. I occasionally prepare Eba and other dishes to assist my sister and serve the customers. They saw me and wrote, ‘Sola Sobowale now sells eba in the restaurant,’ it went on like that.”

The actress stated that before she left Nigeria, she owned a restaurant named ‘Sola’s Kitchen’.

She said, “If I go to the UK and sell eba, I’ll make my money. If I wash the dishes, it’s no problem. I’m earning. The only thing that bothers me is that they accused me of carrying cocaine in Saudi Arabia.”

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