I act better than Denzel Washington – Kanayo

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Veteran Nollywood Actor Kanayo O. Kanayo says meandering the difficult labyrinth of the industry requires so much effort, energy, resilience, patience and dedication.

This is even as he asserted that he is a better actor than the renowned Hollywood actor, Denzel Washington as he works harder and put in more effort than his American counterpart.

Kanayo made assertion in an interview with Honest Bunch podcast.

He compared his movie roles to that of Hollywood’s Arnold Schwarzenegger, stating that bad roles do not make bad actors

He stated that Nollywood actors like himself, put in so much work to act and produce good movies unlike what is seen today.

“If Denzel Washington puts in the number of hours I put in a production here, his colour will change to charcoal the next day,” Kanayo said.

He recounted that Americans from New York studied the Nollywood industry in 1992 and were amazed at the efforts and technicalities they put into production

According to him, American Actors coined the name ‘Nollywood’ out of the seemingly ‘Nothingwood’ it was.

“They have come to understudy us. Americans from New York came to study us, they said guys, ‘we see some efforts here and there, these things take us about one month to sort, how come you achieve it in one week?’ So it was now a course of study for them, they saw the zeal we put in"

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