If you have a child for Mohbad, come out – father pleads

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Joseph Aloba, the father of the late Street-pop sensation Promise Imole, continues to trend on social media for all the wrong reasons months after the untimely death of his son.

A recent TikTok live held by Mohbad’s father sparked massive social media reactions after comments he made about his needing more funds and donations in his fight to get justice for his late son.

In an excerpt of the live video which has been making the rounds online, Mohbad’s father begged for more donations and funds, which he claimed he needs to pay back a loan he took to employ the services of a lawyer.

In the video, Mohbad’s father also made a public call asking for any lady who might have a child with his late son to come out.

He noted that he is willing to conduct a DNA test to confirm the child’s paternity.

He said in part …

“Any woman on earth that has a child for Mohbad should please come out now. It will be a great joy for me to finally know that My son Mohbad left a child behind and to see my grandchild, All we need to do is to conduct a DNA test”

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