Jennifer Aniston gets emotional reflecting on ‘Friends’ legacy

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Jennifer Aniston gets emotional while reminiscing about her time on Friends.

During the interview for Variety's Actors on Actors series, Aniston shared some behind-the-scenes moments recalling the day show was premiered.

Aniston said, "Matthew Perry and I were having lunch somewhere, and we knew Lisa [Kudrow] was getting her hair colored."

She shared that they ran into the hair salon "she was in the sink — and I took the nozzle from the guy that was supposed to be doing it and just started washing her hair."

"It definitely flew out of control, and that was unfortunate. But the excitement we had, it feels like yesterday," she hilariously shared.

In the same conversation the actress also revealed Kudrow used to hate "when the audience laughed," adding, "she'd be like, 'I'm not done! It's not that funny!'"

Aniston revealed that she is still in contact with her co-stars, saying, "And we see each other. I talked on FaceTime with Court [Courteney Cox] last night for an hour, and Lisa and the boys, and we just have a really – it's a family forever."

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