Jnr Pope: Pete Edochie breaks silence, applauds Nigerians

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Veteran Nollywood actor Pete Edochie has, for the first time, spoken about the death of Nollywood actor Jnr Pope.

Edochie, known for his wisdom, has appealed, applauded, and cautioned Nigerians regarding their public remarks and actions concerning the deceased actor.

In a video on his official Instagram handle, the 77-year-old actor addressed the late actor fondly.

He said, “My son, Junior Pope, was a gift to the entire world. A splendid life was cut short the way we never expected. Yes, we shall all go someday, but certainly not in this manner”.

Jnr Pope’s death came as a shock to all as it initially kicked off as a joke but ended as an unacceptable reality that Nigerians, the world, and Nollywood have to live with, having died on April 10 in a boat mishap on his way to a movie set.

In his lifetime, Jnr Pope, 42, was never in the news for the wrong reasons. He was loved by many. His death still hurts a lot of fans across the world.

Edochie also appealed to his colleagues to resist the fighting and jab-throwing at one another on social media.

“I want to make a general appeal; let us pray to the Almighty God to accept the soul of Junior Pope and cut out all the nonsense we have been putting out on social media”.

Furthermore, he celebrated Nigerians, saying, “You Nigerians are very good people, very understanding”. This he served on the premise of the support given thus far to the deceased’s family.

He also clearly applauded the commitment made by E-money “Emeka Okonkwo” to the deceased’s three children, promising to cater to their education to any level they desire.

Meanwhile, Jnr Pope’s burial arrangements began on April 23, with a requiem mass at Saint John-Mary Vianney Parish, Asaba, Delta State, as announced by his family.

The Nollywood actor will finally be laid to rest on 17 May at his country home after a burial mass at Saint Peter’s Catholic Church, Ukehe.

Interment will follow immediately after the actor’s burial.

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