John Oates reveals where he stands after Daryl Hall lawsuit

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John Oates just decided to take things into his own hands after being associated to Daryl Hall, his Hall & Oates band member for over 50 years.

The duo made its musical debut 1972 and have since sold 80 million albums together with the grace of tracks like Maneater and She’s Gone.

Oates is geared to release his sixth studio album, titled Reunion on May 17, 2024, is expected to liberate the artist to explore his creativity like he has never before.

In an exclusive conversation with PEOPLE in this week’s issue, Hall said, “There was a period where we thought we were going to lose [my father Al]… and he told me he was going to reunite with Mom. “

He continued, “I thought, ‘OK, what is the real meaning of the word reunion?’ I’m reuniting with my true self [on the album], who I was before and who I need to be now.”

However, John Oates stated that he “never lost” his true self, he admitted to have “definitely buried him” along the way with a very tough schedule he used to have with Hall.

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