Kevin Costner reveals why he was in tears at his new film Cannes’ premiere

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Kevin Costner opened up about getting teary-eyed when the audience applauded for the film he co-wrote, directed, and produced.

On Tuesday, May 21 on the latest episode of show Jimmy Kimmel Live, Jimmy Kimmel asked the 69-year-old actor about his emotional reaction to his new film premiere.

During the premiere of his film Horizon: An American Saga at the 77th Cannes Film Festival on Sunday the audience gave a long-standing ovation which left Kevin teary-eyed.

The show host asked what he was thinking at the time, to which Kevin responded by saying, “I actually started walking my life backwards for a second.”

"I kind of went back to the beginning and wondering, you know, how I even ended up at a place like that. And I've taken some really big bites out of life. And life has taken some pretty big ones out of me,” the American actor added.

He continued, “But, I just, you know, I kind of just keep going. And when they started the clap and they didn't stop, I didn't really know what. And I didn't f****** cry. I didn't cry. My eyes were full."

“Your eyes were just full?” Jimmy asked. “They were full,” Kevin quipped.

The country star further said, “But I was moved by what happened in France. I was moved by the biggest film festival in the world.”

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