Martha Stewart reacts to being called an ‘Icon’

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Martha Stewart gets featured in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover alongside Chrissy Teigen and Tyra Banks

Lifestyle expert Martha Stewart isn't fazed by being called an icon. Stewart shared her thoughts on being labeled as such at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit's 60th anniversary bash and expressed comfort with the term.

"Of course," the 82-year-old affirmed when ET asked her about it.

Stewart recently graced the cover of Sports Illustrated's "Legends" edition alongside luminaries like Chrissy Teigen and Tyra Banks. She praised the collaborative effort that produced stunning visuals. "We all came together for those beautiful pictures, and everyone looked fantastic," Stewart remarked, crediting the photographer and editor for their achievements.

Her connection with Sports Illustrated dates back to her childhood when she shared her brothers' interest in the magazine. Last year, Stewart's involvement with the publication deepened when she landed on the cover herself.

Recalling her recent shoot, Stewart emphasised the absence of nerves and acknowledged the cheerful atmosphere fostered by editor-in-chief MJ Day. "It was just a lot of fun," she reminisced.

Marking her return to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit on Instagram, Stewart celebrated the occasion with gratitude. She posted, "Martha is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover star—again!"

The post hailed Stewart's historic feat as the oldest cover star in the magazine's history and announced her inclusion in a trilogy of covers for the special 2024 60th anniversary edition.

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