My last relationship was in 2008 – Falz

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Rapper Falz has revealed he hasn’t been in a romantic relationship since he was 18 years old in 2008.

In an interview on Beat FM’s ‘Morning Rush Show’, he shared his focus has shifted from physical appearances to a woman’s “aura” and energy.

Falz emphasised that he’s no longer interested in superficial qualities like skin tone or physical attributes but is now drawn to a woman’s swag, energy, and overall vibe.

What attracts you to a young lady the most?” she asked

He explained: “The aura, the energy, the swag. When I say the aura, I don’t mean that loosely; I’m coming from a realm where I thought I liked light-skin babes or babes with big breasts and other fickle things. I’m in a realm where it’s not about that, now it’s about the kind of energy you ooze.

"My last relationship was in 2008; I was 18 years old precisely. It’s not like I’m running away; it’s just been like a rollercoaster, a couple of different things for a couple of different reasons. It keeps changing, and I just haven’t felt ready.”

When asked if he’ll be ready for a relationship soon, he hinted that the “gold era” might bring new possibilities

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