OAG Unleashes Vibrant Anthem “+234 Baddie” with dimbabygirl

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After OAG’s successful debut 3-single pack, “Benin Doll,” Toronto-based Nigerian rapper OAG is gearing up to drop her highly anticipated single, “+234 Baddie,” with Dimbabygirl. This infectious track not only showcases OAG’s signature style but also serves as a proud representation of her Nigerian roots, as denoted by the call code of Nigeria, +234.

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“Benin Doll” marked OAG’s entrance into the music scene with a bang, earning her a dedicated fanbase drawn to her unique blend of Hip/Hop and a co-sign from Grammy-nominated Toronto producers “Wondagurl”& “Eli” . The upcoming release of “+234 Baddie” builds on this success, promising listeners an exhilarating musical experience that embraces both OAG’s Canadian identity and her deep connection to Nigeria.

The track, with compelling verses of Dimbabygirl, explores the concept of being a “+234 Baddie.” OAG and dimbabygirl use their distinct voices to express their disdain for a certain type of boys while embracing their roots and individuality. With a fresh and energetic vibe, “+234 Baddie” is set to become an anthem for those who proudly identify as +234 Baddies, drawing inspiration from the vibrant culture and unique slang of Nigeria.

OAG, known for her commitment to representing Nigeria and women in her music, seamlessly weaves Nigerian culture and slangs into her latest offering, creating a sound that is both authentic and universally appealing. “+234 Baddie” is a testament to OAG’s ability to bridge cultures through her art, offering listeners a glimpse into the rich and diverse tapestry of her heritage.

OAG continues to make waves in the music industry, and this latest single is sure to solidify her position as a rising star and creating a bridge between the Canadian, Nigerian & International Hip/Hop scene.