Oxlade heats things up with sultry new single ‘Arabambi’

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 Oxlade is back with a brand new single, ARABAMBI. The captivating track marks Oxlade's first official solo release of the year, and it promises to set the mood with its exploration of love's language.

On ARABAMBI, Oxlade sheds his usual playful facade and adopts a more earnest tone. He pours out his heart to his love interest, yearning for their affection and promising to fulfil their romantic desires. Produced by the talented TMXO, the song's infectious beat provides the perfect foundation for Oxlade's sultry vocals. He uses his unique voice as a weapon of charm, weaving words of devotion and promises of love.

Throughout the song, Oxlade employs a series of suggestive metaphors to arouse his love interest. Lines like "Give me your love, all I want is you, Omote I go like give you the kponono, I go like give you the bazuka, I go like give you the kolano," paints a picture of excess loving and romance.

The tune offers more than just surface-level seduction. While the lyrics are romantic, there's also a subtle exploration of the meaning of love itself.

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