Rihanna’s new Fenty haircare line is officially out

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Rihanna is broadening her Fenty Beauty empire with a new collection of nine haircare and styling products designed for all hair types.

"Hair has always been very personal to me—my hairstyles have been markers of my evolution and growth over the years—so launching Fenty Hair was something I was really passionate about," explained Rihanna in an official press release regarding the new launch.

Rihanna's Fenty Hair line is all about achieving strong, healthy hair that turns heads. At the heart of this mission is Replenicore-5, a unique complex designed to fortify your strands with essential nutrients. This powerhouse formula is loaded with ingredients that keep your hair in optimal condition. To perfect her vision, Rihanna enlisted the expertise of her trusted celebrity hairstylists, Ursula Stephen and Yusef, ensuring the collection meets the highest standards of care and style. Fenty Hair is also designed to cater to all hair textures and types. Each formulation has been carefully crafted and rigorously tested by the brand to ensure that everyone can enjoy the benefits of these products, no matter their hair type.

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