Sabinus launches digital currency, ‘Sabicoin’

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Sabinus has caused a stir with the launch of his digital currency, Sabicoin, eliciting a mix of emotions from his fans and followers.

The renowned influencer and skitmaker,  introduced his very own digital currency, Sabicoin, making him the second Nigerian celebrity to make such move within the last month.

It is worth noting that just a few weeks prior, popular singer Davido, had released his token, $Davido, leading to a backlash from some fans who experienced financial losses.

In a recent statement on the X platform, Sabinus disclosed that the idea for Sabicoin stemmed from his innate investing instincts and the widespread use of his memes across various social media channels.

Describing Sabicoin as a digital currency inspired by himself, and the frequent appearance of his memes on numerous social media platforms, Sabinus shared his enthusiasm for this new venture.

However, despite his considerable influence, fans have expressed reservations about the launch of Sabicoin, with many still grappling with the aftermath of losses incurred from investing in $Davido.

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