Simi joins Kenya anti-tax protests

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Nigerian singer Simi, has joined the chorus of support for the ongoing anti-tax hike protests in Kenya.

Kenyan youths are currently engaged in widespread demonstrations, tagged ‘RejectFinanceBill2024,’ to oppose the proposed tax increase.

Simi in support for the Kenyan protesters, took to her social media handle on Tuesday night to acknowledge the sacrifices they are making in their fight for freedom and rights

“I stand with the people of Kenya. It is both powerful and heartbreaking for a people to have to fight and die for freedoms and rights. Godspeed and Strength. [Hash tag] RejectFinanceBill2024.”

In additional posts, Simi lamented the struggles faced by Africans due to poor leadership, saying:

“Wow. When you’ve had enough, the fight is almost inevitable.

“African leaders – haven’t you done enough?

“I can’t wait for the day Africa is not a weapon fashioned against Africans. All of this amazing Black power and human resource, but the majority are not likely to thrive unless they run.”

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