UK Election: DJ Cuppy endorses Labour Party

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DJ Cuppy has endorsed the Labour Party ahead of Thursday’s general election in the United Kingdom.

The music star explained that she endorsed the opposition against the ruling Conservative Party because “sometimes a change is necessary.”

She urged her UK fans to vote for the Labour Party on Thursday, stressing that votes “actually matter” in the UK

Sharing photos of herself carrying ‘Vote Labour’ placard via her X handle, DJ Cuppy wrote: “While it’s unlike me to pick a side (and yes, no political party is perfect), sometimes a CHANGE is necessary! …In the UK, your voice actually matters, so GET INVOLVED this Thursday! #CuppyDat #GeneralElection2024 #GE2024 @UKLabour.”

The 2024 United Kingdom general election will determine the composition of the House of Commons, which determines the government of the United Kingdom.

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