Why I was rearrested by police – VeryDarkMan

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Social media activist, VeryDarkman has reportedly been released from police custody after being arrested over the weekend.

The vocal critic, who regained his freedom on Sunday night shared a video on his Instagram page, recounting the events that led to his rearrest for the umpteenth time.

VeryDarkman claimed that police officers stormed his house on Sunday to arrest him, after receiving a complaint of him allegedly defaming a man who ‘scammed‘ someone of all their life savings.

According to VDM, after he arrived at the police station, he wrote a statement as regards his allegations that the unnamed man defrauded someone, and provided evidence to back up his claim.

He said that he was able to come out of the situation because big lawyers had come to his aid, and contacted other equally big men who ensured that he was granted bail and didn’t sleep in the cell.

He also said that he cannot stop fighting for people because he is now in too deep, and the sad part is that he will keep getting arrested.

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