Wizkid’s lawyers demand Terry G remove unapproved song

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Wizkid's lawyers have told Terry G to remove their song 'Mary Jane' because it wasn't properly approved.

On the Afrobeats Podcast, Terry G explained why he didn't get the necessary approval for 'Mary Jane,' a song he did with Wizkid. He said that back in the day, artists made songs out of love and respect without needing formal approvals.

"When we made the song, it was all about love, and there was no need for clearances," Terry G said in pidgin English.

He acknowledged that the music industry has changed and that now it’s important to be professional and get the necessary permissions.

Terry G's management received an email from Wizkid's lawyers demanding the song be taken down. Terry G has told his team to comply.

Fans were surprised when Terry G released 'Mary Jane' in 2024 because the song was recorded many years ago. This led to questions about whether the song had been cleared by Wizkid.

Despite the situation, Terry G still respects Wizkid and has good memories of working with him, calling Wizkid the Jay Z of his generation.

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