Ben Affleck’s doctor exposes details behind his ‘new face’

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Ben Affleck sparked rumors of getting plastic surgery after making an appearance on Netflix's The Greatest Roast of All Time: Tom Brady.

In an exclusive chat with In Touch, reconstructive surgeon Dr. Ramtin Kassir pointed out how the Gone Girl actor’s face seems different.

“Ben Affleck’s signature crow’s feet have long been a defining feature of his appearance. However, upon comparing his past photos to present-day images in 2024, there’s a noticeable difference — the wrinkles around his eyes appear significantly smoother,” he noted.

Teasing at more apparent procedures that Ben may have gotten, “This suggests the possibility that he may have sought treatment for his crow’s feet, possibly through injections like neurotoxin injections or similar procedures. This observation extends to his overall appearance, which appears notably smoother and shinier compared to before.”

Dr. Ramtin, who has previously treated Ben, added that he looks “more refreshed, with a clean and shiny complexion.”

“He may have opted for a less invasive procedure like a neck lift or achieved this transformation through weight loss, getting in shape, or utilizing anti-aging treatments such as PRP, exosomes, or filler injections. Another possibility is a procedure known as Nano fat, which involves injecting fat under the skin to enhance shine and overall appearance,” he concluded.

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