MOVIE REVIEW: With ‘Unexpected Places’, Bimbo Ademoye strikes gold

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Movie Title: Unexpected Places

Running time: 1 hour 44 minutes

Release date: 2024

Streaming platform: YouTube

Producer: Bimbo Ademoye

Director: Great Val Edochie

Cast: Bimbo Ademoye, Timini Egbuson, Thelma Chukwuwem, Chris Akwarandu, CharlesBorn.

Indeed, many actors have transitioned into producing, utilising platforms like YouTube to showcase their creativity. However, not all films and producers receive the recognition they deserve.

Bimbo Ademoye excelled with ‘”Unexpected Places”, portraying love as something that can blossom unexpectedly with an unexpected individual.

In Unexpected Places, the film explores Chris’ transformation from irresponsibility and rudeness to a responsible and kind-hearted individual. Love finds him when he least expects it, but sadly, he doesn’t live long enough to enjoy it fully.

The movie takes us on an emotional journey, narrating the story of Chris, an only child to a wealthy man. His extravagant lifestyle clashes with his father’s values, leading to constant arguments and misunderstandings.

Chris quarrels with his father over prioritising one of his numerous girlfriend’s birthday party over attending a critical board meeting, only to be treated poorly at the party he sponsored.

When his father cuts off his allowance and forces him to work for a living, Chris’ arrogance and rudeness come to the fore. He is forced to resume work at the head office before he can get a dime from his father. It is pure hatred to Chris, but to his father, Mudueke, it is the best way to teach him responsibility.

Meanwhile, his house maid, Grace, is very sick and must be away from work to care for her health. She sends her daughter to replace her for the time being.

Chris displays his rudeness when he sees Prosper, Grace’s daughter. He looks down on her and yells at her, leaving her with a worse impression of him.

Chris questions his paternity when his father becomes cruel to him. He refuses to reinstate his son’s allowance and does not give him a car to commute to work. Instead, he advises Chris to live under the bridge.

His habit of flirting with several women almost landed him in trouble, as one of his numerous girlfriends stole his money and phone while he was asleep. Luckily for him, Prosper caught the thief, and instead of appreciating her, he scolded her.

Chris voices his frustrations about his father’s treatment to his friend Debola, who suggests impressing his dad, a strategy Chris implements the following day at the office.

Despite being absent from work for five days due to illness, Chris neglects to notify the office. This prompts his father to visit his house, reprimanding him for his irresponsibility and for personally retrieving his car.

Out of sympathy, Prosper puts his mother’s picture in the living room to cheer him up after what transpired between him and his father. However, that action stirs up anger and sad memories. Prosper later shares her story and assures Chris how much his father loves him.

Mr Mudueke tells his son, who is trying to fix their relationship based on Prosper’s advice, to be in a decent relationship and that he will regain his allowance. He thinks of this and asks Prosper to act as his girlfriend in exchange for N1 million. Meanwhile, Prosper is tired of working for Chris, but her mother desperately needs the job back after her surgery.

Prosper meets with Chris’ father and stepmother, and to their surprise, his dad approves of the relationship by welcoming her into the family.

As time passes, Chris and Prosper develop genuine feelings for each other.

However, tragedy strikes when Chris falls seriously ill and is diagnosed with liver cirrhosis. His father’s love is revealed in his willingness to sacrifice his life to save his son. Chris leaves a legacy but heartbreak for those who love him, including Prosper, who must come to terms with her feelings for him.
Character Analysis

The casting selections are praiseworthy, with each actor delivering their best performance to bring the film to life.

Bimbo, who plays Prosper, not only elevated the overall outcome of the movie but also did well with her facial expression to drive home emotions. Prosper replaces her mother at work because of her health and faces a rude boss.

Timini Egbuson played Chris, the only son of a wealthy man who lived a reckless life without purpose. He eventually turns a new leaf but dies shortly after he falls in love with Prosper. Egbuson killed his role as a rude and spoiled brat. The chemistry between Chris and Prosper gives the film a realistic feel.

Christopher Akwarandu, as Chris Mudueke, Chris’s father, deals with his son in the place of love to ensure his son becomes better rather than live off his wealth. His role as a disciplinarian and a good father is apparent in his performance. Mr Mudueke ensures he does everything he can to make his only son realise the value of responsibility.

Charles Born’s portrayal of Debola is significant and cannot be overstated. He guides Chris in the right direction and provides crucial support. Despite his desire to support his friend, Debola refrains from indulging Chris’s ego.

Thelma Chukwunwem plays Mummy T, Chris’ stepmother. Her authentic affection for Chris stands out, challenging the typical portrayal of stepmothers. Initially, her caring behaviour raises questions about whether she might be his biological mother, given her deliberate attentiveness and love for him.

The efforts and brilliant performance of every other character are commendable.

With this fantastic piece, Bimbo ensures her audience is glued to the screen. Unexpected Places is a rollercoaster of emotions with a pretty unhappy ending.

The cinematography is commendable, from the camera angle and movement to the lighting.

The beautiful storyline sheds light on the possibilities of a person’s ability to change and fall in love in an unexpected place, as the title implies. Although it was predictable that Prosper would date Chris, Bimbo somehow trampled the possibility by creating a friction between them, making it almost impossible for them to love a person like Chris.

Unlike most typical Nollywood, Bimbo did extensive research on the illness Chris was diagnosed with.

The film touched on many angles of the central theme ‘love’. We can see the love between Chris and Prosper, Mr Mudueke and his family, Prosper and her mum, and Chris and his friend, Debola.

The film poignantly reminds us that life doesn’t always unfold according to our desires or ideals of fairness. One’s fate isn’t solely determined by wishes, good deeds, or wealth; otherwise, Chris would live. The movie depicts the harsh reality of the challenges of getting a liver transplant, even with readily available financial resources.

Despite his positive changes and newfound love, Chris’ untimely death demonstrates the unpredictability of life, leaving many wishing for a different outcome.

A noticeable flaw in the film arises when Prosper dedicates much of her time caring for Chris while her mother is ill and needs assistance. While it could be argued that Prosper’s mother was capable of self-care after her surgery, depending on its nature, this aspect of the storyline raises questions about prioritisation and caregiving responsibilities. It could pass if the defence is that her mother was strong enough to care for herself after being discharged from the hospital, depending on the kind of surgery.


For a YouTube standard, Bimbo pulled up something worth watching on repeat.

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