Britney Spears earns support amid outrcry over behaviour

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Chris Kirkpatrick, the NSYNC alum said it’s the life of Britney Spears and no one should be bothered about what she does and post.

Presenting his support, he said, “I haven't been close to her," adding, "If she ever needed to talk to anyone or anything, you know, I'm here."

Defending the pop icon style to express herself, he told Fox News, “Other than that, it is what it is. Everybody deals with things in their own way. And, you know, I just hope that she's OK and everything's all right because, for a while, it was like, ‘Hey, free Britney, get her out of this conservatorship.’

“And she gets out of it. And then, you know, she posts some crazy stuff, but it is what it is. And it's her life. And it's not my business to get involved in it."

Recently there have been calls to place Britney under the conservatorship again because of her reported disturbing behaviour and lifestyle.

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