Tems’ releases debut album ‘Born In The Wild’

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The past few weeks have been a big win for women in Afrobeats music. After Ayra Starr released her praised second album, The Year I Turned 21, Tems has finally put out her long-awaited first album, Born In The Wild. Fans of Tems, who have enjoyed her earlier EPs and singles, have been eagerly waiting for this full album.

Born In The Wild is a major release. Known for her unique collaborations, Tems presents a well-rounded 18-track album. The guest appearances are few but significant, featuring American rap star J. Cole and popular Nigerian singer Asake.

Tems, who is a Grammy winner, Oscar nominee, and multi-platinum artist, has already made a name for herself worldwide. This album goes deeper, giving listeners a look at the person behind the success.

Tems faces moments of self-doubt and the challenge of staying confident as her fame grows. She talks about the ups and downs of relationships and learning to trust herself. Born In The Wild feels like a personal diary, showing how much she has grown. It’s the story of an artist who has worked hard, faced her challenges, and is now ready for the next stage.

This album is a celebration for Tems’ fans, a culmination of their long wait. But more importantly, it’s a testament to the artist’s own journey, a vulnerable and honest exploration of self-discovery and artistic evolution.

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