Cardi B Faces $50 Million Copyright Infringement Lawsuit

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American rapper Cardi B is currently entangled in a legal battle over alleged copyright infringement. Two singers, Miguel Aguilar (known as Kemika 1956) from Texas and Joshua Fraustro (known as Sten Joddi) from Oklahoma, have filed a lawsuit claiming that Cardi B used their song without permission.

The lawsuit centers on Cardi B's track “Enough (Miami),” which saw commercial success and reached the top 10 charts following its release in March 2024. Aguilar and Fraustro allege that elements of their 2021 song “Greasy Frybread” were incorporated into Cardi B's hit single without proper authorization.

"Greasy Frybread" had gained some attention of its own, being featured as a promotional asset for the FX series “Reservation Dogs.” The plaintiffs assert that the song’s distinctive elements were unlawfully used by Cardi B and her production team.

In addition to Cardi B, the lawsuit also names Atlantic Records, Warner Music Group, and producers OG Parker and DJ SwanQo as co-defendants. The plaintiffs are seeking $50 million in damages for the alleged copyright infringement.

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