Curious Dog Accidentally Starts Fire in Colorado Home

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A family in Colorado Springs had a terrifying ordeal when their curious dog inadvertently started a fire in their home while they were asleep. 

The incident occurred early Wednesday morning, July 3, when the dog jumped onto the kitchen counter to sniff boxes left on top of the stove. Unbeknownst to the family, the dog's curiosity led it to accidentally turn on one of the burners, igniting a fire on the stovetop.

The family was awakened by the sound of their smoke alarms and the Apple HomePod's "high heat" alert. The male homeowner quickly sprang into action, extinguishing the fire before it spread further. Although the homeowner suffered smoke inhalation and was taken to the hospital, no one else was injured, including the family's furry friend.

Upon investigating the cause of the fire, Colorado Springs firefighters reviewed the home's surveillance footage and were shocked to see the dog's accidental actions. The video showed the dog jumping up to sniff the boxes, inadvertently pressing the burner knob, and then walking away as the flames erupted. Fire officials confirmed that the dog's curiosity was the culprit, and the family is grateful that the situation didn't end in tragedy.

watch the video below:

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