Celebrating 25 Years of Nigeria’s Democracy: A Musical Odyssey of the Strings of Freedom

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Democracy Day in Nigeria is a day that symbolizes freedom and power. It honours the nation's journey towards democratic governance and the resilience of its people. This day commemorates the 1993 presidential election, known for its fairness, and celebrates the spirit of democracy that defines Nigeria's political landscape.

Looking back, the music scene and the nation's political fighters journeyed together to make this day a reality. Both played huge roles in achieving democracy. With words, strings and idioms shaped into rhythms, this music represents the activism of generations, brought to life by some of the nation's best singers.

 In honour of this, we present a curated selection of 10 powerful traditional/Afro sounds that celebrate Nigeria’s unity and democratic journey. These timeless songs and melodies, deeply mirror the nation's journey, and echo its bond between power and freedom for better living.

The compilation testifies to the nation's rich music diversity and evolution, blending elements from juju, Afro-beat, fuji, reggae and Afro-pop.

King Sunny Ade – The Way Forward

Fela Kuti – Authority Stealing

Sound Sultan – Motherland

Majek Fashek – Send Down The Rain

K1 De Ultimate – The Message

Majek Fashek – So Long

Timi Dakolo – Timi Dakolo

Saheed Osupa – Olaju

Sikiru Ayinde Barrister – Democracy

Lagbaja – Suuru Leere


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