Davido drags Sophia Momodu to court, demands full custody of his first daughter, Imade

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Nigerian music star Davido Adeleke has taken legal action against his first baby mama, Sophia Momodu, demanding full custody of their nine-year-old daughter, Imade Aurora Adeleke.

According to documents filed by Davido’s legal team, which includes prominent lawyers Dr. Olaniyi Arije and Okey Barrah, at the Lagos State High Court on April 17, 2024, the musician cited several reasons for his decision.

Davido accused Sophia Momodu of exploiting their daughter to extract substantial financial benefits from him, alleging that she consistently made exorbitant demands and refused reasonable accommodations offered by him.

Among the grievances outlined in the petition, Davido claimed he had diligently fulfilled his responsibilities towards Imade.

This reportedly included paying for her education, accommodation, and various other expenses essential for her well-being.

He stated that despite providing a secure apartment and vehicles for their daughter’s transportation needs, Sophia Momodu opted for continued financial support, insisting on hefty sums for rent and vehicle maintenance.

That it is on record that I have been responsible for the payment of all the school fees of my daughter to provide her with the best education possible and to meet all her educational needs without a hitch.

“That I have also been providing money for the rent of the apartment where the respondent resides with our daughter.”

“The respondent rejected the offer to stay and live at the above-described secured Oniru apartment, which had been purchased already, but demanded that I continue to pay N5,000,000 annually for a rented facility as my own contribution towards my daughter’s accommodation” 

“I bought a Range Rover Sport Utility Vehicle for the use of the child and the respondent to meet the transport needs, including transportation of the child to and from school, etc.”

“She began to make excuses and complained that the Range Rover SUV was not in a good condition, however, she refused to inform me about that,” Davido said in the suit.

He went on allege that her demands for expenses such as nanny fees and international travel costs were excessive and not in the child’s best interest.

In his statement to the court, Davido expressed deep concern over what he described as Sophia Momodu’s unreasonable behavior, which he claimed had caused him significant emotional distress.

“That sequel to the information about the said condition of the vehicle, I provided another vehicle, Highlander SUV, and in addition, the sum of N5.8m as requested by her for the repair of the Range Rover SUV, making it two vehicles in the custody and use of the respondent and our daughter.”

“I also made commitments to pay for living expenses, the fees of the nanny to our child, provide medical and health care, insurance, periodic international travel expenses and tickets.”

“That notwithstanding my efforts in the overall interest of my daughter, the respondent has continued to make outlandish and Utopian demands to frustrate me,” the singer added.

Listing the other demands allegedly made by Sophia Momodu, he said, “The respondent, among others, is demanding that I should pay the nanny she hired the sum of $800 per month, and that the total sum of $19,600 per annum be paid as a lump sum.”

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