Rema reveals new girlfriend, says she will bear his first child.

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Rema has sparked a buzz online by declaring himself a ‘god‘ and announcing that his new girlfriend will soon be the mother of his first child.

The “Calm Down” coroner took to his Instagram page to share the news with his followers.

Posting a photo where the woman’s face was not visible, Rema praised her physical attributes, particularly highlighting her figure and revealing that she had gotten a tattoo dedicated to him.

Emphasizing her devotion, he stated that she would do anything for him, including bearing his child.

In his Instagram broadcast on Ravers, which boasts over 54,000 members, Rema boldly proclaimed;

“My new girlfriend got a big ass. She got a tattoo for me, she do anything for me. She will have my child – a child for a god. I’m a god.”

This declaration comes in the wake of Rema’s recent appearance at Paris Fashion Week alongside other prominent Afrobeat artists.

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