Simi unveils release date for her fourth album ‘Lost and Found’

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Following the release of 3 singles earlier in the year, Simi has announced the title of her new album 'Lost and Found' which will be released in July.

Simi announced the album in a post on her Instagram page, describing her new album as a process of self-discovery. According to Simi, 'Lost and Found' is about reclaiming her chemistry with music, melody, and love stories. She also pointed out that she made the album first for herself before considering the listeners.

For most of my life, I have enjoyed the privilege of knowing myself deeply, unwaveringly, truly. In more recent years, I have also endured the discomfort of losing myself. Sometimes, to make room for something else that I needed to be – other times, because I could not, for the life of me, find my way. I felt like a stranger to myself. This version of me has been the hardest one to look at in the mirror.

Making this album is a symbol of finding parts of myself again that I hoped I hadn't lost permanently. I don't believe that we ever stop finding ourselves. If you're willing to look, there's always more. This is a tribute to the things we continue to find and rediscover

When I sing, I do it first for me, then for you. In this order, because I can not give what I do not have. "LOST AND FOUND" is about me reclaiming my chemistry with music, melody, and love stories. I hope you feel it too when you listen. I hope you enjoy it, regardless of the journey that brought it to you. Experience it, knowing that nobody can bring you, what I can. What I have. What I will."

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